Prayer Requests

Prison Ministry Prayer Requests 

October, 2018

Angelica - "I'd just like to thank the Lord for allowing us ladies to have each other for motivation and comfort. I'd also like prayer for drug court and if it doesn't work out, that I just know either way it's what Christ wanted. Also that my kids and family are healthy and staying safe during the rainy weather."

Ashley - "I just want to pray that you give me the strength to get through this to overcome my drug addiction. Also, for my kids and family to get me through this jail time and to find myself and continue to know God. I want to stay in the Word. I also want to pray for Mike that you lead him back to you, Lord." 

Autumn - "That I stay doing good when I get out on the 14th."

Brooke - "For Kyler, my son, my parents taking care of him, and for me at court. Also for my dog, Double G, who is in heaven now."

Carrie - "For my continuing hope and anchor in my love of Jesus Christ."

Duvall - "Finding forgiveness and to become friendly with my sister and brother-in-law." 

Holly - "Please pray for my court date, rehab, and my little one."

Jenna - "Strength to get through recovery/short time in jail. Hope and love for my children." 

Jennifer - "My strength, my husband's Grandma (she is 87 and had open heart surgery), and my children."

Kayla - "That I don't lose my children because of my drinking and all the bad choices I have made. Thank you." 

Rachel - "For my friend, Kristin, to stay strong and remember this place and to stay away from her addiction temptations." 

Tasha - "My family while I'm in here, all the girls in here, and Angelica." 

Tracey - "So that I depend on God's understanding and truth and his will for me and not my own understanding or trying to fit in. To turn to God for courage and strength. For guidance and for the Holy Spirit to help me communicate my feelings without my overwhelming emotions." 

Other Requests

  • For safety for the leadership and the membership of the church at Ixtlan. 
  • For the work in Magdalena and for their use of their new church building. Pray that God will use it to draw people from the community to hear the Word. For both Magdalena and Ixtlan that the people of the community will be called to understand their sin and desire to be changed. 


  • That our church leadership would be good shepherds and not neglect the sheep
  • For the ministry of the Washington Church to be led of the Spirit and meet the needs of the brotherhood
  • That the church be protected from Satan's onslaughts
  • For the Apostolic Christian Church of America to make Godly decisions
  • Our converts, the single, widowed, elderly, divorced, families w/ children
  • For our young people to be nurtured up in the Lord and prepared to submit and lead as the Lord calls them
  • The unsaved in our families and the church
  • The unsaved in all the world
  • Our current missionaries