Prayer Requests

Prison Ministry Prayer Requests 

Amanda: "Please pray for me to walk a straight path with God, and for his wisdom and knowledge to deal with everyday struggles." 

Amy: "Pray for Doris, Tammy, Ashley, and Wayne for their health. Pray for Lisa, her sister, brother, and son."

Angela: "Pray that sentencing would turn out how the Lords wants it to. Also pray for kids, Adalyn and Aiden."

Bethany: "I pray for my daughter to be okay and comforted while I'm gone."

Cara: "Pray that God's will be done in my life. Please pray that all goes well in court."

Chanelle: "Please pray for my kids, family, my Dad's health, and my husband's health."

Danielle: "Prayers for all the girls here. :) And for all the sick and suffering in the world. Please pray for my family and my cat. Also that I can be strong and courageous when my time to leave comes. Thanks! 

Denise: "Please pray for my strength to continue to be strong and grow my faith and continue the path to a better life and person. Continue to pray for my son and daughter-in-law and my entire family and friends."

Freda: "I pray for Tony and her journey her journey through life to grow closer to God and Jesus Christ. Also for court and my situation to come out on top and be home with my family very soon."

Genny: "Reunite with my family - my children with or without my husband. Pray to accept His Will to be with or without my husband. Bless all my children."

Kristen: "Please pray for my strength to stay sober and courage to change my habits and maintain my sobriety." 

Makayla: "Father, please continue to guide me unto your righteous path and thank you for waking me up. Please watch over my friends and family while I'm gone. Please keep them safe while I'm so far away. Thank you for providing for my needs and keeping me under your wing." 

Michelle: "Need to get in touch with boyfriend and make sure he is okay and my family is okay."

Natalia: "Please pray for my mother that God gives her strength and the will to conquer her illnesses and feel better. Also please pray for my family that God protects and blesses them. And for all the addicts still in suffering."

Rachel: "For my daughter to soften her heart and open her mind to Jesus and my son to go to church and learn to have Jesus in his life. Please pray for me to get through going to prison and the changes I'll face. Also pray for my Mother."

Shawna: "Please pray for me to keep my strength through this rough patch in my life. Please pray for my family to be strong and healthy while I'm away and for my daughter, Jerzie, to know I love her and miss her."

Sherry: "Please pray for my Grandma, Betty, and my Grandson, Izayah, who is special."

Other Requests

  • For safety for the leadership and the membership of the church at Ixtlan. 
  • For the work in Magdalena and for their use of their new church building. Pray that God will use it to draw people from the community to hear the Word. For both Magdalena and Ixtlan that the people of the community will be called to understand their sin and desire to be changed. 


  • That our church leadership would be good shepherds and not neglect the sheep
  • For the ministry of the Washington Church to be led of the Spirit and meet the needs of the brotherhood
  • That the church be protected from Satan's onslaughts
  • For the Apostolic Christian Church of America to make Godly decisions
  • Our converts, the single, widowed, elderly, divorced, families w/ children
  • For our young people to be nurtured up in the Lord and prepared to submit and lead as the Lord calls them
  • The unsaved in our families and the church
  • The unsaved in all the world
  • Our current missionaries