Prayer Requests

Prison Ministry Prayer Requests 

October 5th, 2017

Rhea: "For my family to get this mess over with. Pray that I find my way after I get through this."
Jessica: "Please pray for me that I continue my journey outside of here, and stay on the right path. Also, for my family that they take time to understand me and my struggles and my son... that he is safe and his heart is at peace."
Jenell: "Please pray for myself, my children, my family, and my friends."
Tabitha: "Please pray for all my children that they know comfort and love. Sister Kayla’s situation. Wisdom, guidance, and strength. Help to create a better life for myself upon release. That I keep the same heart, and that we continue to grow in our relationships with Christ when we leave. Pray that we find a “home church” when we leave. My brother’s and mother’s well being. Help me to stay smoke free."
Freda: "Pray for my journey outside of here that I end up in the Dream Center. I get out on Friday, October 13th. Also my brother, Austin, who has recently been sentenced to 7 years and has a newly born son. Just pray for him to find God along the way and for my brother, Jaden, who will be home from Boot camp in about 1 month or so. Pray for him to stay clean and come to God."
Taylor: "Please pray for the people who suffered in the massacre in Vegas. Please pray for my friends and family. That everyone can have peace and comfort. Please pray for the girls in the jail, that they can have guidance to change their lives for the better."

September 24th, 2017

Taylor: "I pray for patience and guidance, for strength to continue to do the right thing and stay sober. I pray for my family, to hopefully see my change and accept my apologies and put faith in me and my effort to change my life."

Tabitha: "Please pray for the wisdom on which choice/path to go on when I leave here. Pray that my children receive comfort and peace and feel God's love. Pray for the health of my brother. Pray that God's will be what I desire and the strength to follow through."

Freda: "Prayer for God's wisdom and understanding of his word.  Stay close to God and grow in my knowledge and my relationship with God. Also to stay clean."

Monique: "My prayer is for God to continue to strengthen my faith. And breathe life into my body to only do his will. Pray for me to continue to put order in my life. Amen."

Jessica: "I wanted to ask for prayer for my son. I want to first thank God for answering my prayers to touch his heart. I am happy to say he is still going on his visit to see family. I am so happy yet so sad that I am missing it. I would like to ask God to help me to forgive myself. He had been working in my heart.  And I want to give thanks and praise to him."

Other Requests

  • Bro. Spencer Plattner and Sis. Rosie Schumacher in their engagement.
  • For Bro. Caleb Plattner and Sis. Kristen Fehr in their engagement. 
  • For Bro. Jeremy and Sis. Nancy and the baby they are expecting. Pray for the baby to do well and for God to give them strong courage and faith as they wait to see what the outcomes of the heart concerns are.
  • Pray for Lanae Schrock (daughter of Bro. Byron and Sis. Mary) as she battles stage 4, ovarian cancer.  Pray also her 6 year old daughter and for Byron and Mary as they support her.
  • For safety for the leadership and the membership of the church at Ixtlan. 
  • For the work in Magdalena and for their use of their new church building. Pray that God will use it to draw people from the community to hear the Word. For both Magdalena and Ixtlan that the people of the community will be called to understand their sin and desire to be changed. 


  • That our church leadership would be good shepherds and not neglect the sheep
  • For the ministry of the Washington Church to be led of the Spirit and meet the needs of the brotherhood
  • That the church be protected from Satan's onslaughts
  • Our converts, the single, widowed, elderly, divorced, families w/ children
  • For our young people to be nurtured up in the Lord and prepared to submit and lead as the Lord calls them
  • The unsaved in our families and the church
  • The unsaved in all the world
  • Our current missionaries