Prayer Requests

Prison Ministry Prayer Requests 

November 28th, 2017

Sequoya: "I want to thank the Father for everything today. My daughter, family, the girls in the jail, and I pray for a good outcome in court. Also praying for treatment."
Heather: "Inner peace for outcome of my case. Peace for my family and loved ones, as well as their safety. Pray for Jennifer, because her daughter’s cancer has returned. And pray for  Sequoya’s peace with another inmate...resolve the issues."
Deja: "I pray that the Lord walks me through the positive path. Pray that the Lord hears me and can forgive me for my sins."
Melissa: "To be granted forgiveness, for strength and inner peace for myself. My parents and my children. For an opportunity for drug court."
Freda: "Pray for my brother, Jaden, that he takes the right path. For my brother, Austin, that he continues to get through his time positively, but also that he comes to God. Also for Rita’s mother."
Courtney: "For my mom, Brenda, for strength and endurance through treatment. Also for my family, son, and boyfriend through the holiday season."
Alexis: "To watch over my children and keep them safe and healthy. That I can get better to be an amazing mother for them."

November 16th, 2017

Freda: "Pray for my brother, Austin, to find God and come to Him so strongly that he wants to influence Shane with our family. Please pray for Jaden, as he just got out of boot camp."
Courtney: "For my Mom, Brenda Horan, to have strength and endurance through her treatment. Please pray for my family going through the holidays."
Cassandra: "For my children, Adalyn and Ashlyn, for my family, and myself. Free me of worry and anxiety. Pray that I get accepted into the drug court."
Cayla: "Please pray for peace in our pod, and also for the health of all of our families while we are away. Thank you."
Deja: "I want to pray for the girls in my pod. I pray that everyone keeps a clear mind and stays focused and positive. I pray that the Lord can forgive me for the mistakes I’ve made.
I have court really soon, and I pray that it goes well. I also pray that my family is safe and protected by the Lord."
Sequoya: "I pray for a good trial, no prison time. I want rehab or drug court, so I can get help with my drug addiction. I pray for my journey from here on out and my family and daughter, Addy."
Jennifer: "Please pray for my kids health and well being, as well as for my ex-husband’s health, and lastly for the outcome that I desire in my court case. Also pray for all the women in this pod to get desired results."
Denise: "Please pray for my fiancee, Mike, that he uses his senses and best thinking on the 30th of this month. Pray for my family that everything goes right, and that all turns out well for me. And that I can possibly get my desire as far as sentencing."
Anna: "Just that I make it through rehab."

Other Requests

  • Bro. Spencer Plattner and Sis. Rosie Schumacher in their engagement.
  • For Bro. Caleb Plattner and Sis. Kristen Fehr in their engagement. 
  • For Bro. Jeremy and Sis. Nancy and the baby they are expecting. Pray for the baby to do well and for God to give them strong courage and faith as they wait to see what the outcomes of the heart concerns are.
  • Pray for Lanae Schrock (daughter of Bro. Byron and Sis. Mary) as she battles stage 4, ovarian cancer.  Pray also her 6 year old daughter and for Byron and Mary as they support her.
  • For safety for the leadership and the membership of the church at Ixtlan. 
  • For the work in Magdalena and for their use of their new church building. Pray that God will use it to draw people from the community to hear the Word. For both Magdalena and Ixtlan that the people of the community will be called to understand their sin and desire to be changed. 


  • That our church leadership would be good shepherds and not neglect the sheep
  • For the ministry of the Washington Church to be led of the Spirit and meet the needs of the brotherhood
  • That the church be protected from Satan's onslaughts
  • Our converts, the single, widowed, elderly, divorced, families w/ children
  • For our young people to be nurtured up in the Lord and prepared to submit and lead as the Lord calls them
  • The unsaved in our families and the church
  • The unsaved in all the world
  • Our current missionaries