Prayer Requests

Prison Ministry Prayer Requests 

Alfreda: "Pray for safe travel to the new camp and for my family."

Alisha: "Please pray that I can keep growing."

Amanda: "Please pray when I get out that I continue with my sobriety, and for my children that they will be safe till I'm home with them."

Anna: "Please pray for my family and friends...especially my niece who is going through breast cancer surgery."

April: "I would like to pray that God helps me to live more in His word and helps me to be forgiven and live righteously."

Ashlee: "Pray for myself and my relationship with my mother. Also for my kids."

Cassandra: "Pray for my prison time ahead of me, that my Mom will be OK till I get back out because she has cancer, and for my children who are 13, 8, 7, and 4 years old." 

Catherine: "Prayers for my children and their caretakers." 

Cayla: "Please pray that I have peace in my mind, and that my family is healthy and safe."

Chelsey: "Strength and courage moving forward."

Deja: "I pray that the Lord give me strength to be strong and have a better relationship with Him. Pray that I become more wise, and that the Lord is with me through all my trials."

Ebony: "I would like prayer for my health, safe travels for my kids, and I need prayers for my new move to North Carolina."

Freda: "I pray for the entire world to come to know God!!! Amen."

Gloria: "Pray for my kids, my Mother and Father, and myself for stronger faith and willpower." 

Jess: "Pray for my mental health and family and for us to learn the truth of the gospel."

Kayla M: "Please pray for my father who has brain cancer and my grandma who is going through multiple surgeries."

Kristen: "Pray for my family and I to be strong and the other ladies in my pod." 

Lacey: "Pray for when I go home to not be in bad ways, and pray for my daughter and my health." 

Lana: "Pray I can meet my daughter, Sara, again since she is getting ready to turn 18."

Roxanne: "Pray that I'll continue on this new path to come and a new beginning that I'm starting."

Sara: "Pray for my family, my boys, and all the people involved with the court house system."

Sonia: "Pray for my family and friends."

Tera: "Pray for my mother that she can have peace and serenity and not worry about me."

Trisha: "Please pray for my peace cause I feel broken."

Valerie: "Pray for my kids and family to be strong during this time."

Other Requests

  • Pray for Lanae Schrock (daughter of Bro. Byron and Sis. Mary) as she battles stage 4, ovarian cancer.  Pray also her 6 year old daughter and for Byron and Mary as they support her.
  • For safety for the leadership and the membership of the church at Ixtlan. 
  • For the work in Magdalena and for their use of their new church building. Pray that God will use it to draw people from the community to hear the Word. For both Magdalena and Ixtlan that the people of the community will be called to understand their sin and desire to be changed. 


  • That our church leadership would be good shepherds and not neglect the sheep
  • For the ministry of the Washington Church to be led of the Spirit and meet the needs of the brotherhood
  • That the church be protected from Satan's onslaughts
  • Our converts, the single, widowed, elderly, divorced, families w/ children
  • For our young people to be nurtured up in the Lord and prepared to submit and lead as the Lord calls them
  • The unsaved in our families and the church
  • The unsaved in all the world
  • Our current missionaries