1 Peter 4:9

"Use hospitality one to another . . . ."


What to Expect

Is anyone welcome?

Absolutely! Our church is made up of a wide variety of ages and families. We are thankful to have many small children worshiping with us along with older loved ones as well. There are close inter-generational bonds with all ages that are a blessing and provide mentors that offer much wisdom through life’s experiences and faithfulness to God.

Can I stay for the food and fellowship?

We would love to have you stay for lunch and fellowship. A lunch is served between our morning and afternoon services and normally lasts from 11:00 until 12:00. Everyone is welcome to enjoy this time of food and fellowship. It is a wonderful time of caring and sharing which helps strengthen our relationship with Christ and each other. 

Who conducts the services?

Sermons are rotated between the current active ministers from our Washington Apostolic congregation. Because there is a large amount of travel between our churches, visiting ministers from other Apostolic Christian churches will conduct the service when they are present. 

I have heard your ministers don't prepare a sermon text?

Ministers pray, study, and meditate on the Word during the week, and allow the Holy Spirit to direct their preaching during services. The prayers of the congregation are very much appreciated, and there is a pause before the service where they bow their heads and ask God for His presence as they worship together. This also allows the congregation to prepare their hearts, that they may all be edified through the worship service together.

What version of the Bible do you use?

The Bible is read from the Old and New Testaments and is followed by preaching and exhortations from those scriptures. The Authorized King James Version of the Bible is used. Hymns are sung from the Zion’s Harp hymnal and Hymns of Zion/Tabernacle Hymns combined hymnal during the church service. When prayers are offered during the services, the entire congregation is invited to kneel if able.

Why do women wear head coverings?

You will see the women who are members of the Apostolic Christian church wearing a head covering/veil. This practice follows the biblical instruction found in 1 Corinthians 11:5. Men do not wear a head covering/veil (1 Corinthians 11:4).

I have heard that you practice the holy kiss. What is that about?

You will also notice the members of the church greeting each other with a kiss of charity (love). This practice follows the biblical instruction found in Romans 16:16; 1 Corinthians 16:20; 2 Corinthians 13:12; 1 Thessalonians 5:26; 1 Peter 5:14. The men, called Brothers, greet the brothers while the women, called Sisters, greet the sisters. Paul encouraged the churches to practice this in order to promote unity and express agape love for one another. We believe it is still relevant for this day and time in bringing forth the same goal. Note that only those who are members of an Apostolic Christian church greet each other in this way.

Why do women sit on one side and men on the other?

Generally men and women sit separately during regular worship services with men on one side of the sanctuary and women on the other. This allows everyone whether married or single to feel a part of God’s family in such a way that brings peace and harmony. It also promotes relationships and friendships that help bond us as a church family. There are occasions such as weddings, funerals, and yearly programs where families will sit together. Please feel welcome to sit wherever you feel comfortable - with family, spouses and/or your friends.

I have heard you don't have instruments. Why?

Our Apostolic Christian church sings "a cappella" during worship for several reasons. The early churches of the apostles sang in this fashion. The phrase a cappella, which now means “without instrumental accompaniment,” originally meant “as in church”. The voice is a wonderful gift. You could say that God has given each of us a musical instrument to use, and He is pleased when we blend our voices to glorify Him during worship. The four-part harmony is pure, beautiful, and allows everyone who attends to participate. Together as a congregation, voices are lifted up as an offering from the heart that bonds us together with the Lord.

What's up with the greetings at the end of the church service?

After the closing prayer, a minister will go to the pulpit and ask if anyone has “Greetings.” You will observe men stand and say Greetings from _______” This will be the town or place of another Apostolic Christian church where they are either from, or have visited. The minister will repeat the names of the town (s) in order for the congregation to hear. He will then ask the visitors to take our Christian love and greetings back to their respective churches. This tradition stems from the early churches of Christ where they would travel from place to place, offering greetings and salutations. This reminds us of the common bond with fellow believers across the globe, and keeps us close in spirit.

Note: Anyone in the congregation who prays out-loud or “gives greetings” will be either a member of the Apostolic Christian Church in Washington or a member of another Apostolic Christian church.

What should I wear?

You will find that most people will be dressed formally. Women typically wear skirts and dresses, while most men come in dress pants and dress shirts (many wearing ties or suits). Although the members of our church embrace this style of dress, anyone is welcome regardless of their attire.