Romans 1:11

". . . that I may impart unto you some spiritual gift, to the end ye may be established;"


Offices & Committees

Church Trustees

Ed Wyss
Dan Heinold
Kent Hodel
Phil Fritz
John Cox


Ron Messner


Randy Mogler
Justin Koch
Fred Witzig
Scott Aberle
Kaleb Beyer
Isaac Wofford

Church Treasurers

Charity Fund- Ed Fritz
Maintenance- Max Pfaffmann
World Relief- Thad Heinold
Bible Fund- John Cox


Aaron Funk
Brice Knapp
Daniel Leman
Cass Schumacher
Kirk Streitmatter
Seth Teubel  

Sunday School Superintendent

Jeff Sauder  17-18
Kevin Hodel  18-19

Managers of Hymn Sings

Micah and Olivia Pfaffmann
Daniel and Wendi Leman

Food Committee

Jean Streitmatter
Kathy Wyss
Julie Barth

Funeral Coordinator

Jon Ricketts

Leo Childrens Home Representative

Jeff Sauder

Home for the Handicapped Representative

Gary Folkerts

Small Group Bible Studies

Luke and Natalie Baker